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1244 Clairmont Road- Suite 106 Decatur, GA  30030

Phone: 404 374-4428

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Specializing in

Psychological Evaluations for Pre-Bariatric Surgery

Testing for Education and Careers

Counseling, Therapy, and Coaching

Clients: Ages 3 through Geriatrics

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     Dr. Lilla Kirk Peeples is a very experienced psychologist.  She is in full-time private practice in Decatur, which is in metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia.  She sees children ages 3 and up, adolescents, and adults of all ages, including geriatrics. 

     Dr. Peeples helps people who have learning, emotional, and relationship problems; are struggling with stressful situations; want guidance with school and career decisions; and need social skills training.  She provides valuable assistance with issues of aging, illness, and caring for elderly parents.  Depending upon a client's needs, she uses Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, Reality Therapy, Family Systems Therapy, and Healing Arts techniques.

     A large part of her practice is testing for education and careers.  In addition, she frequently does evaluations ordered by agencies and courts.

     Dr. Peeples focuses upon helping clients and is flexible in meeting their scheduling needs.  Besides daytime sessions, she is available for evening and weekend appointments.  She has earned a reputation for working hard and for the speed with which her evaluation reports are ready for schools, courts, and other professionals, as well as for the excellence of testing and interpretation of test data.

     Dr. Peeples is also a certified personal life coach. Visit her coaching website at: www.agingparentcoaching.com.

     Dr. Peeples conducts workshops, such as on parenting, child management, ADHD, relationships, and gerontology.  Please call her for information about upcoming workshops.

     A meditation Dr. Peeples finds meaningful:

"Excellence is caring more than others think is wise;

Risking more than others think is safe;

Dreaming more than others think is practical;

Expecting more than others think is possible" 

                                             Author Unknown


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